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A New Sermon Series Starts Today

Home run kids sermon series

Pastor Dick Osbourne will start a new sermon series on Sunday June 14th called “Raising Home Run Kids”.

A five-week parenting series applying principles from Home Run Life to kids.

Drawing from Kevin Myers book, “Home Run: Learn God’s Game Plan for Life and Leadership,” takes the same life lessons to children in a five-week parenting series.

Home Plate: Connect – Love God First
First Base: Character – Love Yourself
Second Base: Community – Love Others
Third Base: Competence – Love What You Do

This is a great opportunity to learn how to raise your kids in a strong faith. We hope and pray that families will gain a lot from this series and we are confident that no matter what the size or type of family you have, you will find ways to apply these teachings to your life.

We invite you to ask your friends to join us on Sunday mornings. It is always our wish to see our community grow in family strength and we hope this sermon series will be a special blessing to our families.

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