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Sportman’s Banquet

Saturday February 25th at 5:00PM
All Men are welcome from avid hunter to those who have never hunted
$5.00 per person

Wild Game Dinner and Lecture by Guest Speaker Sean McVeigh

Sean currently lives in central Pennsylvania, NY and is married with 3 children and another child due in March. Sean is an avid bow hunter and fisherman and has produced several videos of his experiences. Sean also has written several books including A Bow Hunter’s Spiritual Journey. In 2014, Sean also released a book on archery, titled, Sin and the Spirituality of Archery. It is designed to help beginners learn archery and advanced shooters improve their accuracy. It also introduces ideas that enable the reader to gain unique, spiritual insights from archery that can be applied in everyday-life situations.

Sean will talk about his recent trophy hunt in Iowa and how he uses hunting as a catalyst to help learn how to recognize God’s guidance in life and hunts.


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