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A Note from Pastor Jason on COVID-19

Dear Church Family,
Amid news of the coronavirus, my pastor’s heart longs to comfort you and remind you of so many things. That’s not entirely possible, but let me whisper this kind word into your heart. No matter how much fear there is in our world, no matter how legitimate or illegitimate it is, know that God loves you. His love secures you. Your hope in him is true. Know, also, that you, dear Church, were called and created for times such as this one—to shed concerns over personal convenience or money when our world quickly becomes selfish and mean, because people are afraid. I’m not telling you, “Don’t worry about the coronavirus.” Nor am I telling you to panic. I’m saying, you CAN live like Jesus in times like this. So while I am praying for your health and safety, I am also praying for you to have the bravery and courage to love others well. Be the Church! Be her now!

Because some have asked, are we having service on Sunday? Yes. If you are feeling ill, even if you know it’s not COVID-19, please DO stay home with our love and prayers. If you are 65 or older, your age group is more vulnerable to the respiratory problems associated with this illness. Please be at peace with staying home as well, with our love and compassion. I look forward to sharing more about our planned response to this national health emergency on Sunday, as well as some of the reasons why.

Until then, may God’s grace and the love of your pastor, fill your heart with a warm peace.

Pastor Jason

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