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A Prayer against fear and anxiety

This is the prayer for someone struggling with anxiety and fear. This is not a “one and done” prayer… say it daily and before bed! If there are others who can say this with you, be united in prayer and of one accord. Speak it out loud. The Lord spoke the world into creation. What you say to yourself and others has power. It is other’s words and our own thoughts that are “speaking fear” to us. When we do this, we unknowingly are agreeing with satan and giving permission for him to come into our territory and our holy temple. It is time to take out the trash!

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The Prayer

Dearest Lord Jesus:

Thank you for your love which is unconditional. Thank you that you have given me access to You and OUR Father, through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you, that I am a child of GOD ALMIGHTY!!! Thank you for my salvation and the precious blood that purchased me. Thank you that I am covered under your blood and your love always.

I am – able to do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I am – abounding in hope that you are with me and that you never leave me or forsake me.

I am – adopted into the heavenly places by the precious blood of Jesus and it is in HIS authority that I take back my strength.

I am – conforming to the will of Christ who says, “DO NOT BE AFRAID”. I stand in agreement that HE is my shelter, HE is my fortress, HE is my shield, HE is my rock, defender and protection against ALL (every single one) of the enemy’s fiery darts, including the corona virus.

I am – alive with Christ, it is HIS breath in my lungs, it is HIS life-giving blood flowing within me.

I am – bought with a price and that price has been paid in full. I am His and He is mine.

I am – Cleansed! Nothing can stand against the blood of Jesus or His Name. There is power in the Name of Jesus. I am clean and I am pure in Him.
I am – Full of Praise for my God. I sing to Him a new song of worship and praise for HIS Glory never fades and never ends.

I am – comforted. The Holy Spirit lives and reigns within me. His Name is Comforter and He comforts me in the night, when I am alone and when I am afraid. He is like a shield around me covering and protecting me under the shadow if HIS wings.

I am – more than a conqueror, because I am filled with the fullness of God and I am dearly loved child, precious and I have been called by name (use your name) to be His.

I am – future assured. I invite your kingdom to come here on earth as it is in heaven. Hallowed be HIS NAME! I have been promised an eternal home in heaven with my Father and therefore death has no sting and one day, I will live eternally in the house of the Lord.

I am – full of His truth, His light, His peace, His joy, His Hope, His power, His Holy presence and His love. Nothing can stand against the Love of Christ. And in His name and authority I take my stand alongside Jesus my Savior and declare Jesus and only Jesus as the Lord of my life.

I speak and say – satan, depart from me, get thee behind me. Lord, I stand in agreement with You to thwart the enemy’s plans and confuse all that he tries to lay hold of. I speak the Blood of the Lamb, over myself, over my children, my family, all that you have given Lord that is precious. I take authority over my household and all that pertains to us, our health, our finances, our work, our schools, our loved ones near and far, our church, our neighborhood and all that is in our sphere of influence. I command you to leave satan you have no place here. You are not welcome or wanted. We see what your tactics are, to create fear and to immobilize us from our rightful platform as children of the most high KING. We will not be intimidated or defeated by you. We will not stand back and allow you to have room in our presence. Depart now and go straight to the foot of the cross and to Jesus Christ as He will deal with you! I ask for the love and light of Christ to come and shine down on me, to fill me to overflow and to illuminate my heart, my voice, my spirit with the fullness of your love and virtue. Father fill me with life, joy, peace and expectant hope for the future. Fill me with your unconditional, ever present, all enfolding love. AMEN!

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