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COVID-19 Update regarding In-Person Gathering

Dear Church Family,

In-person Gathering Decision. Over the past few weeks, we have continued to monitor the status of our church family and Warren County as it relates to COVID-19. Upon reflection and input from members of our leadership team, we’ve decided to extend our “pause” on in-person gathering through the month of January. At that time, we will reconsider in-person gathering.

Our Reasons. Sparing the details, our county faces the likely scenario of entering “Orange Zone”—a category created by the state to manage the rate of infection. If that happened, the Health Department would recommend that we limit in-person gathering to 25 people. This could happen as soon as two weeks from now. Continuing virtually gives some consistency and eliminates possible confusion.

Our main reason, however, for taking this course of action is our love for you. Your health and safety is an extremely important factor in our decision-making. As some in our congregation can now attest, this virus can be miserable and life-threatening. It is unconscionable for us to risk needlessly putting you through that ordeal.

A Note of Encouragement. I hope that you will accept these trials with perseverance. Jesus does not promise us trouble free lives but he does offer to redeem those trials by turning them to the advantage of our salvation. Believe that! I hope you will invite friends and neighbors to watch our service and then engage them in conversation. Be envoys for the Kingdom where you are. Furthermore, worship God where you are. Pick up the phone and brag about God with friends. Explain what he’s teaching you and how you see yourself growing. I know that God can build you up and strengthen you in times like this, and that gives me peace.

Always feel free to reach out if you have questions. I thank God for each and every one of you and I’m praying for you all!

With warm affection,

Pastor Jason

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