What Does it Mean to Follow Christ?

Beginning Wednesday, February 15th, Pastor will be giving some practical instruction on what it mean to follow Jesus. This class is called “Discover Faith.” It is for those of you who have recently asked Jesus to come into your life and want to know more about God, the Church, and...

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“I Will” Sermon Series

Pastor Osborne has started a new sermon series based on the book, “I Will: Nine Traits of the Outwardly Focused Christian.” Here is a video preview of the book, taken from his website: Books are available for each family. The suggested donation for this book is $5.00. There is a...

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Advent Questions Week 1

Why is it important that God came down in Jesus? What does that say about His motives? What does that say about the value of creation? What does that say about you? If God fully reveals Himself in Jesus, what does that tell us about His character? How does it...

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The Family Project in Lake Luzerne

Our Family Story – Week 6

Throughout the Family Project series, we encourage each family of our church to journal your family’s story. We believe that every family is called to reflect the image of God. No family is perfect, but every family can be redeemed. This series is about redeeming every husband, father, wife, mother, son,...

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