What God Has Joined Together

God’s heart is for faithfulness and permanence in marriage – “Until death do us part.”

SERMON 6— The Family Project

Scripture Reading: Malachi 2:13-16

“13 Another thing you do: You flood the Lord’s altar with tears. You weep and wail because he no longer looks with favor on your offerings or accepts them with pleasure from your hands. 14 You ask, “Why?” It is because the Lord is the witness between you and the wife of your youth. You have been unfaithful to her, though she is your partner, the wife of your marriage covenant.

15 Has not the one God made you? You belong to him in body and spirit. And what does the one God seek? Godly offspring. So be on your guard, and do not be unfaithful to the wife of your youth.

16 “The man who hates and divorces his wife,” says the Lord, the God of Israel, “does violence to the one he should protect,”says the Lord Almighty.

So be on your guard, and do not be unfaithful.”


Definition: “Faithfulness follows through on our commitment regardless of ____________.”

Difference between happiness and joy: The definition of Joy is not being dependent on what you get from others, but what you give to others by what you’ve been given from God.

Attacks on Marital Faithfulness

1. Unhappiness – “I want to be happy.”

2. Entitlement – “I deserve better.”

3. Incompatibility – “There’s someone out there better for me.”

4. Conflict – “No one should have to put up with that.”

5. Issues – “We have a ___________________ problem.”

6. Independence – “I need to be free from this.” “I need to find

7. Minimizing – “I’d rather see a divorce than a murder.”

8. Exhaustion – “We’ve tried everything to make it work.”

9. Chemistry – “He/she changed.”

10. Sin – “He/she won’t change.”

Faithfulness to your __________ ____ speaks directly to your faithfulness to God.

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